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I’m currently interested in hearing from those whose jobs will be automated soon.


Our generation will likely be witness to the last wave of deliverymen, drivers, and other jobs that are, to this day, extremely reliant on human interaction.

Many of today’s most popular digital services, so intangible and cold, are hugely dependent on human labor to deliver their convenient service. They’re only possible if someone stops by your place to drop your package, or picks you up at a certain location and so on. In a way, these humans embody the brand — the guy that rings your doorbell is the only face you’ll ever put to Amazon, sort of speak — and they represent what’s known in marketing as the last touchpoint of that brand experience, bridging the digital and physical worlds.

But of course humans aren’t always the best version of your brand and often times miss the mark of consumers’ expectations; mistakes are made, accidents happen, problems arise, and incidents are reported… or not. Yet another reason for brands to pursue automation, I guess.

In a sterile, digital world that's just a few years behind what Black Mirror depicted, there’s a last mile that’s nothing but human. With feelings and flaws. At least for now. And I’m working on a podcast to tell those stories.

Come back soon for more on this and drop me a line if you want to share yours.




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